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  Anime Home :: Import DVDs :: Neon Genesis Evangelion TV Series DVD

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      Neon Genesis Evangelion TV Series DVD
Neon Genesis Evangelion TV Series DVD 
Consist of episode 1 to 26, complete TV series

The year is 2015, the world and its inhabitants are recovering from a global catastrophe known as the Second Impact, in which half of the world's population was wiped out. As far as the population thought, a meteor caused the whole event.

Now entities called Angels or Shito attack a specially constructed city (you have to watch to find out why it is so special) near the Hakone area called Tokyo-3 in a merciless fashion. Their motives are unknown, exept it is immediately clear that they seem to be challenging mankind using various configurations and unheard of powers.

Mankind's only hope lies on the hands of the enigmatic N.E.R.V agency and bio-mechanical, humanoid-looking sentinels simply known as Evangelions or Eva. These Evangelions are the only force that can break through an Angel's ATF, or Absolute Terror Field. Once the ATF field is rendered useless (at least temporarily) Evangelions have to then destroy the Angels in all out hand to hand combat. Unknown to many, the Eva are piloted by a few hand-selected children called the Children of the Marduk Report. All of them born exactly nine months after the Second Impact. Was the accelerated evolution of man gave birth to these would-be saviors? Or does N.E.R.V know more than they are saying?

Neon Genesis Evangelion draws from mythology, religion, and philosophy and combines them in a melting pot of intense character development and drama. The characters are so unique and well-defined that you'd swear at times that they were real.

What is the nature of evolution? Is there a God? Where should man draw the line in trying to play God? These and many more thought-provoking concepts litter the Evangelion series.


�Video : NTSC

�Audio : Dolby Digital

�Region : All Region

�Dialogue : Japanese and English

�Subtitles : English (On/Off)

�Manufacturer : Anime Cartoon

�Number of Disc(s) : 3

�Runtime : N/A

�Episodes : 1 - 26

�Genre : Robots / Mechanical 

Price: $25.99


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